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As a social enterprise dedicated to the cause, Precision Field Academy is committed to providing cutting-edge training and capacity-building programs. We believe that the key to the future of agriculture lies in equipping young professionals with the necessary skills in modern and emerging technologies. Our focus is not just on theoretical knowledge but on hands-on, industry-focused training that prepares individuals for the challenges and opportunities of the evolving agricultural landscape.

Our Mission: To raise next-gen farmers who are tech-inclined and digital-savvy.

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We train and build young professionals in modern and emerging technologies for the future of work, and to lead with precision agriculture practices.

Education and Knowledge Sharing
Precision Field Academy is dedicated to advancing Agritech education and knowledge sharing. By empowering aspiring Agritech professionals through comprehensive training in the global evolving world of technology.
Training and Skills Development
We offer hands-on training and skills development for the future leaders of agritech. Through our innovative hands-on training and career enhancement programs, students acquire the practical skills and expertise needed to excel in the rapidly evolving Agritech sector, setting them on a path to success.
Coaching and Mentorship
Mentorship is at the heart of Precision Field Academy's approach. We provide personalized coaching and mentorship through result driven and industry focused exposition, to nurture the talents of agritech enthusiasts.
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Our Precision Agriculture Incubation Program is highly competitive, fostering a transformative learning experience for youths in Smart & Digital Agriculture.